Want An Easy Fix For Your Wedding Ring? Read This!

You’re eager, you’re excited and ready to tie the knot with your significant other. But there’s a problem: what about your wedding ring? It has been noticed by many people that after a few months of getting married, the rings tend to “weaken” or become less appealing with appearance.

This is because most metals used in most wedding rings are alloys of the metals gold and silver.

Don’t worry though! There are some easy steps you can follow when caring for your wedding ring that will ensure it stays strong and remains beautiful!

Here are some ways you can fix this little dilemma:

(1). One great way is to simply clean your ring when it gets dirty or “weakened”. Cleaning the ring will add sparkle and shine back to the metal whereas, using jewellery cleaner can make it look new.

(2). Make sure you wear your wedding ring! Avoid taking it off whenever possible because not wearing your wedding ring may cause more damage than good.

(3) . Be careful of what substances you expose your ring to. Some materials may be easier on some metals than others, therefore exposing them too much to these kinds of substances could weaken them in time. For example, avoid any exposure to chemicals such as bleach, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, etc. [Include a paragraph on what kind of substances can affect the appearance.]

(4) . Avoid getting your ring wet. Water is the quickest way to weaken some metals, therefore you should avoid any exposure to water. If it does get wet, be sure to completely dry your wedding ring afterwards. [Include a paragraph on what kind of metal will get affected by water.]

Having these easy steps in mind can help keep your wedding ring looking great for many years!

(5) . There are always professional fixes that an expert jeweller can do if your wedding rings become damaged and weakened over time, such as re-plating or designing a new metal altogether. Many times this is done at little cost and could save you hundreds! So don’t think that just because something bad happened to your wedding ring, that it’s a lost cause!

(6) . Here are some easy tips to remember when caring for your pre-existing wedding rings before marriage: 

  1. Avoid dropping the ring on hard surfaces as this can weaken the metal and damage it more than usual. 
  2. Do not expose your wedding rings to sweaty sweaty hands or bathrooms with harsh chemicals such as bleach or chlorine, because many of these substances may weaken the metals in your favourite piece! 
  3. Be careful when wearing gloves while washing dishes, gardening, doing laundry, etc.; some metals will rust if they come in contact with water so be mindful of what you do with your hands while wearing gloves. 
  4. Keep track of your ring. Many jewellers will suggest for you to give your wedding rings a “tune-up” every year or so, this is because many metals can become worn down without proper care and maintenance.

(7) . Remember these easy steps when caring for your wedding ring and it’ll look great for years! If however, you happen to damage your precious piece, take it to a trusted jeweller that can help restore it into its former beauty! Perhaps they may even create something new from the damaged metal if need be, but in any case, never think that your engagement ring has become a lost cause just yet!

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