Five Common Misconceptions About Arborist

Are you wondering if tree removal is right for your property? Tree removal includes the act of cutting down trees, lopping overhanging branches, pruning or shaping trees, or removing dead or dying trees. You may be experiencing some of the following reasons to consider tree removal:

Tree Removal 

Your yard has become increasingly crowded with all kinds of vegetation and needs some thinning out;  Trees are causing damage to your home;  You want more sunlight in your yard;  Dead or dying trees;  Overhanging branches interfering with electrical lines on your property. No matter what reason it may be there are some common misconceptions about hiring an arborist that should be addressed before making any decisions about tree removal.

The Misconceptions :

Misconception #1: Arborists are expensive and will cost a lot of money.   Tree removal is not cheap but though the initial investment may be high, over time you will save money with an arborist because they can prevent costly damages to your property brought on by falling trees or branches.

Misconception #2: Hiring an arborist is a waste of time and money.   Many people believe that they can easily trim their trees without professional help as long as they have a ladder to stand on, but this could cause more damage than good. Here are some reasons why hiring an arborist will save you time and money in the long run:  Unskilled labour by untrained individuals may result in unnecessary injury to the tree or your home’s foundation due to lack of experience with how much force should be used when removing limbs. Untrained individuals may choose the wrong type of cutting tool which could damage tree structure or lead to stump deterioration over time if performed incorrectly. Unskilled labour also creates a mess during the removal process which could damage your yard’s surrounding area, or cause injury to you or other individuals on your property.

Arborists are specially trained in identifying the safest way to remove trees and large limbs without doing unnecessary damage to the tree itself. They know how much force should be used when removing limbs, what type of cutting tools would be best for each situation, and will also clean up after themselves making sure not to leave any debris behind that could damage your yard or home.

Misconception #3: An arborist is only needed during dangerous situations involving bad weather.   Many homeowners believe that an arborist is only necessary if their tree has fallen due to high winds or during hazardous conditions like ice storms but this couldn’t be further from the truth. An arborist should be able to inspect your tree regularly and catch any problems early on before they have a chance to become progressively worse.

For example, an arborist can easily identify dead branches or limbs that are in immediate danger of falling so you can remove them before your tree has a chance to cause damage to surrounding property, or falls during extreme weather conditions.  This preventative maintenance will save you money in the long run by preventing major damages like shifting foundations due to uprooted trees, broken roof tiles caused by fallen limbs, siding destruction, and other structural damage caused by falling trees.

Misconception #4: An arborist won’t know if my trees are poisonous.   Many people believe that they should not hire an arborist because they don’t want to keep a poisonous tree on their property, but this is completely false. An arborist will know which trees are safe for you and your family to have around the house.

Misconception #5: Hiring an arborist means that I can’t make my own decisions about my lawn/yard.   Some homeowners incorrectly believe that hiring an arborist automatically means they won’t get a say in what happens to their yard or home since they aren’t doing the labour themselves, but this is not true at all!  As long as you show the arborist a list of changes before they begin work, then you can still voice your opinion about how you would like things done within reason of course 🙂

The main reasons why you should hire an arborist are to prevent unnecessary damage, save money in the long run, and keep your yard looking healthy and clean.

Arborists are trained professionals that can inspect trees for various issues, determine if they are safe or dangerous, and complete any necessary tasks to ensure their proper health. Hiring an arborist also allows homeowners to retain control over their property by showing them what changes will be made beforehand so they can voice their opinions. It is important to hire an arborist when trees appear unhealthy or dead branches/limbs appear dangerous because this prevents major problems like uprooted trees destroying surrounding infrastructure, injuries caused by falling limbs, etc.