Tips in Hiring A Male Stripper

When it comes to hiring adult entertainment, most people would think of female strippers. Over the years, adult dancers have become more popular in mainstream culture; however, there is a market for male strip shows. Professional male entertainers are known as “male strippers” and they can serve at any number of events like weddings bachelor parties, or even housewarming parties! If you plan on inviting one (or more) over, here are some tips to ensure that your experience with one is outstanding.

Decide upon the theme of your party.

An obvious place to start would be with whether you want him to wear clothes or not when he’s performing. Yes, it may sound silly but this ensures that his performance will be suited towards the type of party you’re having. If your party is a “naughty” theme, it’s best to hire one whose shown certain acts in music videos and other performances; if your theme is “sweet”, hiring a more conservative dancer would be the way to go.

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There are over 30 different types of dancers (including twink, Latin, etc.) and find out their strong points ensures that the money you’re spending will not be wasted! Search for reviews online about specific male strippers and read articles like this one – this also ensures that you won’t pick a dud as well as makes sure all your bases are covered so no problems arise on the day of his performance!  You must want to do research at your party before hiring a male dancer because it ensures that your event will be memorable.

Hire one who works for an established business

This ensures that you are dealing with someone reliable. You can search online for reputable companies (most likely ones that have high ratings), or ask friends and family if they know of any dancers who work in well-known companies. It’s better to spend more money on a dancer from a company than to take the risk on someone who is dogging it; even if the latter is much cheaper, there are no guarantees he’ll perform well!

Make sure your guests like him

If you were looking forward to having male entertainment but all your guests chose not to participate, then this could ruin things for you. Although they’re not the ones who hired him, it is still unfair for you and others to say no without giving a valid reason. Remember: this whole point of having male entertainment is so that everyone can enjoy themselves at your event!

Stay sober!

You do not want to miss out on any part of your dancer’s performance because you were too drunk! If needed, stay in control by taking shots or drinking cocktails beforehand. Furthermore, make sure to keep hydrated by drinking water too – overall, just watch what you put in your body so you don’t get taken advantage of or become an inconvenience for other people.

Prepare yourself and guests beforehand.

Before he comes over, be sure to prepare things like lighting and sound equipment. This ensures that your experience with your dancer will be as fantastic as possible. Also, prepare yourself and guests by making sure everyone’s on the same page and is aware of what you all expect from him; if necessary, make a checklist or go over it together before he comes to ensure no one misses out!

Pay attention!

If others at your party want to try and get his attention (yes, some women can sometimes do this), then give them something else to focus on like dancing or getting ready for their turn. Remember: he works for you, not those other people – so don’t let anyone take advantage of him. Only interact with him when you need to; otherwise, stay back and enjoy his performance.

Let him know where the cameras are located.

If you’re hosting a party at home, chances are there will be some amateur footage (e.g. on your laptop) that was taken of his performance. Point out to him where these devices are before he goes on – it is better to be safe than sorry!

Know beforehand whether or not he is comfortable with photos and videos.

If you’ve hired one who’s willing to be filmed (or take pictures), make sure everyone follows his rules so no one gets embarrassed. Also, if you have a “no camera” dancer, make sure people respect this rule as well so they don’t ruin things for you!

Give your dancer feedback!

Be specific about what worked and what didn’t so he can improve his routine for future events. Also, don’t be afraid to ask him about exclusive deals or discounts if you’ve enjoyed his performance!

If something goes wrong, do not blame your dancer!

Understand that these things happen, especially when alcohol is involved. Take responsibility for any problems that arose during the night before blaming your hired entertainment – I cannot stress this enough! Just remember: it’s better to have a private show than no show at all because of poor planning.

Before hiring a male stripper in Melbourne, make sure to read articles like this one so you can have a successful party! The more prepared you are beforehand, the better the experience will be overall. Why not check out Strippers Melbourne now, or give this article a share on social media? The more people take advantage of the knowledge here, the better!

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