How To Get A Fabulous Marble Head Buddha

If you’ve been looking for a way to introduce some serenity into your life or perhaps a gift that will make a loved one’s breath away, then this article is exactly what you need!

As Buddhism becomes more and more popular in the Western world, Buddhist statues are becoming commonplace.   Some of these statues can be quite expensive – upwards of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  

Buddha head statue beside brown brick wall at daytime

However, there are some methods by which you can get your hands on an incredible Marble Buddha Head statue without breaking the bank.

Surrounding Space

Perhaps the most important thing to think about before purchasing any marble head Buddha statue is how it will fit into the surrounding space (i.e., where it will be placed).

If the statue is intended to be the main focus of the room then it should fill most of that space. This means that you can’t put a small statue in front of a large piece of furniture; it will look ridiculous.  

Of course, if you want to place it on top of or behind some other object (such as placing it behind your television) then this guideline is not relevant (although having something nice-looking behind your TV seems like a waste, doesn’t it?).

Floor Space

Next, consider how much floor space you have. Filling up that space – but sometimes there are practical reasons why you might need to scale down your purchase (i.e., if you live in an apartment or small house). 

You don’t want it to be so small that people will miss it unless they’re looking for it.  But how do you strike this balance between filling up the floor space but not making your friends think that your new statue is a large dollhouse decoration?

Type of Room

Most of these things are largely dependent upon what type of room the statue is going in. 

For example, putting a large marble head Buddha in your bedroom might make the room look cluttered while doing so in your living room could make it feel soft and luxurious (in fact some consider decorating with Buddhism statues to be an excellent way to set the mood).

What do matters is paying attention to the statue’s height?  If it is below eye level when you are standing up then it will not have much emotional impact because people who come in won’t see it unless they’re looking straight at it (and thus downwards).

On the other hand, if you place something too high up on your wall then it might just feel out of place.

Be sure that there is enough space around the Buddha so that people can appreciate its beauty without feeling crowded or cramped (although even statues with narrow bases should be placed upon a ledge or pedestal rather than sitting directly on the floor for this very reason).


Most importantly, know what kind of budget are working with.   While marble head Buddhas can be quite beautiful and elegant, they are not just decorative items: each of them is representative of the teaching and practice of Buddhism in some way or another.

It would be a mistake to disrespect this by simply throwing them into the corner when they’re not aesthetically pleasing. 

Again, you should try to find something that also speaks to you on a spiritual level, such as choosing a statue with an inscription on it or one related to your religious tradition (e.g., if you’re Christian choose a statue near the Virgin Mary). 

If you don’t want to buy one (which might offend Buddhists) then simply hang up some Buddhist prayer flags instead (which do not have any monetary investment and can be purchased for very cheap at most Asian markets).

Remember that the Buddha statue you choose should be something that is both practical and respectful. 

Avoid simply choosing one because it looks good on your wall, but do try to find a way to integrate the two aspects by considering carefully where you should place it and how big of a space you have available (but don’t panic if there isn’t enough space!).  


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