CRM Trends for 2021

CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing) is all about customer data and interactions used as a way to identify potential customers and keep existing customers satisfied. CRM is all about maximizing those positive experiences and minimizing those bad experiences, thus increasing customer loyalty. This means that CRM is evolving with these next-generation trends:

1. Big Data Analytics: 

The fact that we’re now generating more data than ever before and how can we use it to develop better relationships with customers? Of course, the key lies in the volume, variety and velocity of this generated data, but indeed there’s no doubt that we’ll see significant changes throughout this area – for better or worse – throughout 2021.

2. Artificial Intelligence:

 We’ve already seen how AI has been making headlines and we’ve also seen how many companies already started to adopt it in their CRM approach. Nevertheless, the truth is that artificial intelligence will keep on improving and this means that more and more companies will be using AI techniques to improve their overall customer service experience.

3. Mobile & Social:

 With mobile devices becoming ever smarter, the number of customers preferring a mobile-first approach when interacting with a company’s CRM system is increasing too. In addition, keeping in mind how social media has been getting so much attention lately , there’s no surprise why it should be included in next year’s CRM trends list as well.

4. Cross-Channel Customer Journey:

 In 2021 CRM approaches will not focus on traditional channels such as phone or email anymore, but rather on the cross-channel customer journey. Thus, CRM systems will be providing companies with a holistic insight into what is happening across all channels and devices throughout the whole customer lifecycle.

5. Employee Engagement:

 According to Gartner’s prediction, by 2020 more than 50% of organizations will manage employee relationships as well as their customers’ relationships. This means that CRM approaches in 2021 won’t only focus on external customers, but they’ll also integrate internal CRM processes including staff training and performance management to help employees deliver positive customer experiences.

6. Social Selling:

 Social selling is already becoming popular among many different industries nowadays, however, based on these next-generation CRM trends we can expect social selling to be more prevalent in 2021. In that year, organizations will recognize how social selling can not only help them build better relationships with customers, but it’ll also be a great way to increase business.

7. CRM for Enterprises:

 As we’ve already mentioned earlier in this article, in 2021 employees’ engagement with their company’s CRM system will become a crucial aspect of delivering positive customer experiences. This means that systems will have to go beyond basic employee-facing workflows and bring advanced functionalities such as personalized dashboards where staff members get real-time insights about their performance and the impact on the business.

8. Predictive Intelligence:

 Organizations will be able to use machine learning techniques to predict what might happen beforehand by taking into account historic data patterns. This means that in 2021 CRM systems will be able to detect and flag up risks or opportunities in advance, thus saving time and minimizing the negative effect on the business.

9. Chatbots:

 Since we already have chatbots being used by a variety of different companies, it’s no surprise that they’ll still be included in next year’s CRM trends. In fact, these chatbots will work more efficiently since they’ll have evolved from just being assistants for customer service representatives into helping sellers increase their close rate through automated conversations.

10. Multi-Access Business Apps:

 With so many users now preferring a multi-access approach when doing business, it’s safe to say that apps should allow people to carry out their tasks across a variety of devices and platforms. In 2021 CRM systems will therefore have a multi-access approach as well, thus allowing users to use the same CRM data from a mobile device, tablet or PC.

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