What To Avoid Wearing When Going To A Hen’s Party

When you think of a Melbourne hens ideas, the first thing that comes to mind is an out-of-control party with women drinking and dancing all night long. But if it is your idea of fun, consider throwing in some unconventional activities like pole dancing or even going on a treasure hunt! You can choose any activity that may appeal most to your friends. After all, each one of them will be dressed in sexy outfits too!

Here are 10 pieces of clothing you should avoid wearing when invited to the hen’s party:

1. Any Wedding Dress

It is a given that you should not wear your wedding gown when attending a hen’s party. It may be tempting, but it will just ruin the mood if one of the bridesmaids dress up in her bridal garb!

2. Something With Tacky Prints Or Ruffles

Don’t opt for a super feminine look in a garment that features frills and flounces or something with badly drawn prints either. A cute little black dress would do the trick instead.

3. Party Frocks Of Vibrant Colours Like Red, Yellow, Green, Etc.

The colour‘ henna’ suggests fun and light-heartedness; hence it is best to avoid wearing anything too flashy for your hen’s party.

4. Over-The-Top Accessories

Think about the theme of the night and pair up your accessory choices with it too. Go easy on the embellishments and avoid excess adornment in your outfit.

5. Short Skirts Or Dresses

You don’t have to wear anything dowdy, but remember that you are attending a hen’s party; hence it should be fun! The other girls will also be dressed up like they are going for an out-of-control costume party, so opt for something that covers you up more than halfway down your thighs.

6. Low Necklines (Unless Sexy Is What You Want)

Cleavage is not the impression you want to give when hosting a party. It is advisable to wear something on top that covers your shoulders and midriff too.

7. Stilettos

Although they go with any outfit, consider wearing some comfy flats or shoes instead of on the night of the event for all that dancing you’re going to be doing!

8. Hair Up In A Tight Bun

You can do away with an updo for this special day and opt for loose waves or even just natural curls if your hair permits it. After all, everyone will probably have their hair down anyway!

9. Anything Too Revealing (Or Classy)

This one goes without saying – avoid dressing up like you are going out clubbing or to a bar. Stick to something flirty, but not over the top!

10. Anything Tacky (Again)

There are occasions where it’s okay to wear something somewhat revealing; like attending an adult-only event or night out. However, if you do choose anything too short or tight, avoid wearing anything with tacky prints like skulls or profanity splashed all over the garment. Steer clear of these types of clothes and opt for more classy apparel instead.

Please remember that there should be no nudity involved in this fun occasion! You might enjoy dressing up like you are going for your bachelorette party, but keep in mind that this will be seen by many eyes other than just close friends.

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